Student CV

A CV or resume is vital for every student for any job (be it a part time job or the start of your career). It is a summary of your skills, knowledge and experience obtained so far in your life as well as your interests outside of your studies.

Above all else remember that companies see many CVs every single day of the week so your CV needs to stand out from every other applicant and look professional. Remember that your CV is still a sales document to get you an interview and nothing else and should be written with that in mind.

So long as you follow the standard format as shown below and enter all of the relevant experience you may have even if you have never had a job before then this will shown potential employers your skill set. If you have taken even a part time job this will show that you are able to work as part of a team which will be important in your future careers.

Add as much as you can that shows off your skills and abilities. If you have held positions in your school or university then add these in as well.

CV Template for Students

The template for your CV as a student is the same as anyone else's CV and you'll have some work experience to write down even if it's in the local shop or fast-food restaurant. Anything that shows you can work as part of a team.

The main elements to construct are:

Example Student CV

Here is an example of a student CV you can use to base your own experience around. The headings should remain the same and remember this is a sales document to get you an interview for the job you are applying for:

James Smith
451 London Road,
London SL82 4RT
Telephone: (M) 0792 221 221 (H) 020 8994 4433

James is a numerate individual who is seeking a job as a trainee accountant with a view to achieving qualified status within three years. James has experience of working in an accountancy practice and is a reliable and trustworthy person who can work alone or as part of a team and has customer facing experience.

Education History
2006-2009 - Degree in Accounting - Expected Result 2:1 - University of Manchester
Subjects covered: Accounting: Accounting principles, financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, auditing, Business: Business policy, foundations of business, business and information technology, business research.

2004-2006 - A Levels - Manchester College
Subjects and Grades: Pure Mathematics, Grade A, Physics, Grade A, Statistics, Grade A

2000-2004 - GCSEs - London Secondary School
Subjects and Grades: Mathematics, Grade A, English Language, Grade A, English Literature, Grade A*, Physics, Grade A, Chemistry, Grade B,

Work Experience
2008 - 2 months summer job - ABC Chartered Accountants
Accounting Clerk

  • Help prepare accounts for small business owners
  • Accompanied seniors on company audits
  • Prepared accounts on SAGE software accounting system
  • Typed letters in Microsoft Word to customers
  • Handled incoming calls into the office from clients

2007 - 2 months summer job - XYZ Certified Accountants
Audit Clerk

  • Accompanied accountants on company audits and audited sales and purchase ledgers
  • Help prepare accounts on Microsoft Money software accounting system
  • Typed letters in Microsoft Word to customers
  • Produced bank reconciliations in Microsoft Excel
  • Produced audit reports for small business owners
  • Handled incoming calls into the office from clients

Computer Experience
Able to use all main Microsoft Products including Microsoft Word and Excel
Literate user on the internet and can use HTML to make web pages

Basic knowledge of SAGE accounting systems and Microsoft Money.

Hobbies and Interests
Qualified PADI diver and school chess champion. Enjoy reading books.

MR AJ Smithson, Senior Partner ABC Chartered Accountants
Tel: 0223 3400449

Mrs KT Jenson, Audit Manager XYZ Accountants
Tel: 03994 1122003

Remember that your CV needs to stand out from all the hundreds of other students that are applying for job vacancies so put as much as you can to sell yourself.


Example Cover Letter

Your cover letter when applying for jobs is an important as your CV. The cover letter's job is to get the prospective employer to open and look at your CV and no more. It should be succinct but straight to the point.

Dear Mr Jones,

Please find enclosed a copy of my CV in application for the position of Trainee Accountant as advertised in the local newspaper.

I am available for interview immediately and can be contacted on my mobile phone 0792 221 221 during normal working hours to arrange a suitable time to meet with you.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Yours sincerely,

James Smith

Whatever CV you need for your job as a student just follow the above guidelines and sell all the skills and knowledge you possess.

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