Barclays Student Bank Accounts

Barclays Bank has been around for years and offers a student bank account called "Student Additions". Although there are no freebies, it offers a generous interest-free overdraft and access to all their branches if required.

Types of Barclays Student Accounts Available

The only reason to choose a student account from a regular current account is for the fee-free overdrafts and any incentives. Barclays providers students and graduates with the highest level of overdraft in the market.

There are currently just two options available to you.

You move onto to a standard current account once you've been with the final account for three years.

The Barclays Student Additions Bank Account

The Barclays student bank account works and operates like any standard banking account except for bonuses specifically designed to help students manage their money. The full details of their current offer are as follows:

  • An interest-free overdraft of £500 upon application.
  • Option to increase the overdraft to £3,000.
  • No 100% freebies as such.
  • Personalise your debit card with a photograph.
  • Cashback at over 180 retailers (but check other cashback websites first).
  • 25% discount on orange mobile contract tariffs.
  • Receive a contactless debit card for everyday purchases.
  • 0% AER credit interest on money in your account.
  • Easy access through Barclays's branches and cash machine network.
  • Unlimited online, mobile and telephone banking for 24-hour access to your bank account.

The Barclays Graduate Account

The Barclays graduate account is for people who have just left university and to help them on their way. The Higher Education Account includes an interest-free overdraft of up to £3,000. The full details are as follows:

  • Account fee of £0 per month.
  • Get an interest-free overdraft of £3,000 on opening.
  • Keep the account for up to three years.
  • Overdraft reduces each year to £1,000 in your final year.
  • Daily fees apply in addition to interest if you go over your limits.
  • Barclays Blue Rewards scheme automatic enrollment.
  • Add the "Tech Pack" to insure mobile phones and gadgets for £9.50/ month.
  • Receive a free Connect debit card for electronic payments.
  • 0% AER credit interest on money in your account.
  • Cardholder protection and 24 hours a day legal helpline.
  • Easy access through Barclays's branches and cash machine network.
  • Unlimited online and telephone banking for 24-hour access to your bank account.

This account requires that you're already in full-time employment or have a job offer.

How to Open Your Barclays Account

You can apply online or at one of their branches. You need to prove you're a student (or just graduated) and come prepared with other essential documentation. These include proof of address, passport or other photo ID, and your UCAS offer letter or number.

Options Available for all Account Holders

There are no monthly fees for either of the basic accounts listed above. You can take out additional services like any other account holder. Although these options are of high quality, you may be able to find similar services much cheaper elsewhere.

Tech Pack

This add-on is insurance for your mobile phones and other electronic gadgets with worldwide coverage.

  • £9.50 per month.
  • Cover for up to four mobile phones.
  • Get protection against loss, theft, breakdowns and accidental damage.
  • Full worldwide coverage up to £1,500.
  • Activate your products online for immediate benefits.

The Travel Pack

If you're off on your travels, then you'll need some form of holiday insurance. This pack offers comprehensive travel insurance and breakdown cover.

  • £10.50 per month.
  • RAC breakdown cover at home, roadside, and Europe.
  • Family worldwide travel insurance up to 31 days.
  • The cover includes insurance for all ski trips as standard.

You can activate either of these insurance products via your online account to take advantage of the additional services immediately.