Repayment Calculator for Student Loans

It's quick and easy to see how much of your students loans you'll need to repay from your salary with this handy online student loan repayment calculator that shows you instantly your repayments based on todays threshold limits.

Loans from the student loan company become repayable once you find a full time job and the salary is above £17,495 per year.

The repayments are taken by your employer directly from your salary and repaid to the SLC on your behalf until the loan is repaid in full.

You can use our handy online calculator below to see just how much will be deducted and if you find it useful please tell others about this or add it to a website you have by using the code below.

If there are any changes to the calculation made by the government we will update our forumula and it will automatically change on your website so you can add the code now and leave it knowing that it will always be up to date.

Calculate Your Repayments Now

This calculator is set on the following information:

  • For courses started before 1st September 2012, called Plan 1 loans.
  • Threshold when you start to repay loans is £17,495 salary per annum.
  • Repayments calculated at 9% of the value above £17,495 and your current salary - these are divided by 12 to show you the monthly repayments until your loan is repaid in full.
  • Simply enter your annual salary below and hit "calculate".

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Example Repayments

Annual SalaryMonthlyRepayment

Other Loan Information

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