Free Student Stuff

Student free stuff and freebies are available everywhere, so you're extremely fortunate being a student these days. We've put together items in our student free stuff section that you really can get for free and ensure your student finances go further.

Today's Student Freebies

Get Amazon Prime Student Free for Six Months

Get unlimited one-day free delivery for six months with Amazon Prime. After the six-month introductory period you'll receive a 50% discount on the standard price.

  • Free delivery on Prime products for six months.
  • Unlimited access to online TV, movies, and videos.
  • Unlimited access to books, magazines, and comics.
  • Secure online photo storage.

Sign up here for your free six months Amazon Prime membership.

Get Paid for Surveys

Your opinion counts and you'll earn £3 in vouchers for every completed survey you complete. You can then use your vouchers at your local supermarket. One of the best is Pinecone Research. If you're already a member, then why not try Green Pantherea who have similar offers.

Free Mobile Calls and Data

Cut the costs of your mobile phone calls with cheap mobile deals. The lowest prices we've found are from affordable mobiles at their website here. You may need to apply for cashback but you can get new handsets or sim cards for less than £5 per month.

Free Student Computers

Can you really get free computers for students - well yes!

One of the easiest ways is to sign up for a broadband deal or mobile phone deal with any of the major retailers and you'll receive a free computer.

OK, you'll need to spend some money and sign up to a phone contract but you'll get a £400 computer absolutely free. If you already have a contract mobile phone and are thinking of switching then this could be a great deal - just check the small print first.

Student computersThe government also announced in September that children from low-income families would also receive a free computer and free broadband access under a £300 million investment plan so that every young person can use a computer on the internet at home to help with their education.

So as a student living at home under 19 (if you are eligible) you get a free laptop or desktop computer with relevant software, free broadband, and support covering internet security.

You can also buy a computer with your student loan or grant - see below under free money.

Free Student Laptops

Student laptopsIf you don't qualify above there are other ways to get a free laptop for students through scholarships at various universities. Other sites may offer free laptops but they require you to complete offers and send tons of emails to friends etc.. So in reality, apart from the free computers section there really is no easy way to get a free laptop.

However, in Australia every senior New South Wales student will receive a free laptop and some free broadband and wireless connectivity so this may catch on in the UK - watch this space!

Free Student Money

MoneyThere are many ways in which to get free money for students in the way of grants and scholarships. Almost all students can get some form of free finance from the government and these are not means tested meaning it doesn't matter what your household income is and you will get the money to help you with tuition fees or living expenses. See our student grants section

Free Condoms for Students

Anyone can get free condoms whether they are a student or not by taking a visit to their local sexual health clinic and Anyone can get condoms free from their GP surgery or the family planning clinics. Some websites also offer a free pack - just search online. How about trying our student dating web pages for a chance to find a loved one?

Free Mobile Phones

If you're on a contract and your phone is a year old - why not get a new free one? All operators provide free phones after a year on a contract (so long as you sign up for another year of course!). Here's a selection of pay monthly special offers from Vodafone you can use to get your student freebie phone.

As a student, you'll need your money to go as far as possible so take advantage of this free stuff that includes free computers, free laptops, free mobile phones, free money, and even free condoms!

Earnings disclaimer

We may earn some fees on some of the links above through affiliate commissions. For example, we earn £3 for each sign up through the Amazon affiliate programme.