Student Jobs

Student jobs are easy to find in the UK to earn some cash to pay your living costs. We have a range of methods to find part time jobs for students all around the UK including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Bristol.

With thousands of your fellow students also looking for work you should start your job search early on and get ahead of everyone else. It's not good leaving it to the last minute where vacancies will be few and far between.

Part Time Jobs

Many students take a part-time or temporary job and generally work in a bar, cafe or restaurant where there is always additional work and is of a casual nature.

Student job in a barOther areas a student could get short term work that is non-skilled is in the local supermarkets stacking shelves etc. Some of these opportunities are not glamorous, but you'll need additional money to cover your costs, and in recessionary times work is money. See our part-time student jobs section for more information on the type of work you could do.

Summer Holiday Jobs

Student summer holiday job in londonDuring the holiday periods in the summer, Easter or Christmas you'll have a few weeks spare when students take their own vacation time. These few weeks are an exceptional time to pay off any overdraft you may have built up during the term time. Many businesses also have their peak seasons to coincide with your holiday plans, so it's a win-win scenario.

Many of the parks and holiday camps also offer temporary positions when their workload increases.

Additionally tourism in the major towns and cities such as London require extra staff during their peak season. See our student summer holiday jobs section to see what type of companies recruit during this period and where you can apply

Agencies and other Job Seeking Methods

To continue your job search you could always use an employment agency, recruitment agencies or even the local job centre that always seem to carry low skilled and low paid (minimum wage) jobs. There are also job listings on many of the online jobs sites that carry contract placements or temp workers. Your university or college may be another avenue to try as they have work during the holiday period.

Graduate Jobs & Careers

Once you've graduated and have your degree, you'll no doubt be thinking about graduate jobs if you haven't already done so. Most of the major supermarkets offer some form of graduate training programme as well as the banks - although these may have been cut back a little due to the recession.

To start you thinking about what career you may want to pursue we have put together some guides on some of the most popular jobs students take once they have graduated.

CVs and Interviews

Whatever job you are applying for you'll need an up to date curriculum vitae (CV), a cover letter to apply then prepare for all the questions that prospective employers may ask you in your interviews. The following guides should help you through this maze.

If you have any questions about the types of jobs you can take while studying as a student, then please contact us and we'll try to help you.