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3 students off to university Welcome to the 118student advice website where you'll find help and information on managing your life whilst studying at college or university.

The main focus of this site is helping you manage your finances although we have help pages and guides on lifestyle topics such as traveling and getting a job at the end of your studies.

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Financial Guides

You may also be entitled to some form of financial aid or bursaries that the government offer to low income households. Read up on what you may be entitled to before borrowing any money in the form of loan consolidation or expensive credit cards.

The main purpose at the beginning of each year is to sort out your loans from the student loan company or other sources of finance such as grants or bursaries and you'll also need to check out which bank accounts you should opt for (basically the one that offers the largest overdraft - see which bank is right for you). Also see our new guide on managing debt from repaying loans to getting the best deals.

Travel and Free Offers

We offer various free stuff in our freebies section to save you some of that money you need. And when you are ready for your gap year or just to have a weekend away check out the travel pages to get the best deals and ideas of where to go.

Job and Careers Guides

If you need additional income in between your studies then see what type of part time work is available and how to get it.

If you are wondering what to do with your new degree then check out our careers pages and some insight into the most popular careers chosen by new graduates including how to write a cv correctly.

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