Student Summer Jobs

Student summer jobs not only help you earn extra cash but make your summer holiday an experience to remember. There are many jobs you can undertake whether you are a student from London, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol or any other part of the UK.

Most summer jobs will be of a part-time temporary nature and include all the usual favourites such as bar and restaurant work. However, the great thing about the summer is that different companies have their peak season, especially in the tourism industry, so you'll get to work outside as well.

Summer and Winter Jobs Abroad

You can go abroad for your summer or winter vacation, and there are many opportunities for temporary work during this time. People are still holidaying abroad despite the economic downturn, and these overseas jobs get commonly advertised from March onwards, so you need to be on the lookout if you want a job abroad.

Types of Summer Jobs Available

Summer jobsThere are many summer jobs available for students, and those that hunt them down will have a good 6 to 8 weeks of gainful employment. You'll see all the major operators advertising online well before the season starts as they have to recruit people and provide the relevant training.

1) Become a Club Rep

Perhaps one of the greatest jobs is to become a holiday rep so long as your university breaks up on time as the season is quite long. It's arduous work; you'll have a long day and be expected to sell excursions and other extras to paying guests as this is where the holiday companies make most of their money (You'll be paid a commission on any sales you make).

2) Campsites and holiday villages

There are many camp sites dotted around the UK and Europe that need your help and they employ thousands of temporary staff each year. They need help with the hospitality side of the business as well as more mundane tasks like cleaning premises.

3) Cruise Ship Jobs

Perhaps not widely thought about at first but the cruise industry is huge. There are many cruises close to home that go out for a week around the Mediterranean or Scandinavia or even Ireland. The jobs available are varied from back room staff in the kitchens or cleaning or front of house staff to greet guests and solve their problems to entertainment staff.

4) Farming and Gardening Work

There are major farms that need their crops picked and packed during the summer months. Native produce also ripens earlier in southern England because it's warmer than the north, so is a perfect job for July and August! Farms also have work keeping their site clear such as cutting hedges, mucking out and feeding animals and some run a small B&B so there may be work there. Additionally, local councils and private homes always need gardens cleared so maybe you could set yourself up and go door to door offering that service.

5) Domestic Jobs

When the days are long and warm, you can easily go knocking door to door where you live and asking people for odd jobs if you're fit and healthy. The most obvious are mentioned above with gardening work, but you could also wash cars and clean windows in houses.

6) Hospitality Jobs

Most people get jobs in restaurants and bars during the summer. The areas that have most work are where people take holidays and these are all around the UK.

7) Events and Exhibitions

Many major events occur during the summer months as well as exhibitions at the major centres in Birmingham and London. They should post jobs well in advance and include setting up stands and well as working in the hospitality tents.

8) Summer Camps

Most of these camps are in the USA, but some have started in the UK. Many of the roles involve teaching a sport such as tennis, sailing, swimming or even waterskiing. General staff are also required to help run the camps such as maintenance staff for gardens, kitchen staff, lifeguards, transportation, medical staff and administration positions. Indeed, a summer camp can be the most rewarding experience you can get, and you help the kids develop as well.

9) Teaching English

Even in the UK, there are many associations that want people to teach English to new entrants. If you're studying English language or the teaching profession, then this could be an excellent way to put your skills to the test and earn some reasonable money.

Summer Job Pay Rates

Like most of these jobs, as they are of a temporary nature you'll likely only be paid the minimum wage unless they require specific skills. Most will provide you with a uniform and free meals while you are working.

Qualifications for Summer Jobs

The qualifications required for the job will vary depending on the type of vacancy you're applying for. Non-skilled jobs won't require too much, but if for example, if you are teaching you'll need to show some form of formal qualification. When searching online, you'll see what companies require, so it's up to you if you match their requirements.

Searching and Applying for Jobs

Summer job searchMost companies will post their vacancies online these days so it's best to pop over to google and search for "summer jobs". All the jobs will show you what skills and qualifications are required and how to apply for the position. It's likely you'll need an up to date CV to show any work experience to date.

As most of the positions are people related, you'll need to show that you can work as part of a team.

Where to Find New Vacancies

You'll find that there's a vast array of vacancies in the months leading up to the summer vacation period. So how do you find them?

  • Local businesses will be posting external notices on their buildings.
  • Use the online job search engines such as this one.
  • Your local free newspaper will have adverts from companies requiring your skills.
  • You can enquire at those places listed above.
  • Network with friends and family to see if they require additional help.
  • If you're interested in retail, then walk down the high street and apply in person.

You should start your job search early in the year rather than wait until the week before your term finishes. Good luck getting a summer job as a student and let us know if we can help further